AFA Tooling – Set of 2 Wheel Chocks | Heavy Duty Nylon Rubber Wedge for Front and Back Tires | Heavy Weighted Design and Tie Off Handle | Chock Block for Your Camper, Trailer, RV, Truck, Car or ATV…


  • DUAL WHEEL CHOCK SET: This 2-Pack of rugged wheel chocks let you quickly chock a full axle of tires – both front and back – to give you the peace of mind that your car, truck, trailer, ATV, or RV will stay where you parked it (whether trailered or on the ground).
  • METAL HANDLE FOR EZ CARRY AND TIE OFF: Our secure metal handles provide a way for you to carry your wheel chocks, easily pull them out as well as rope them together to create a double wide chock for extra large wheels.
  • HEAVY DUTY RIBBED AND WEIGHTED DESIGN: The aggressive ribbed design and textured bottom surface grips quickly for maxiumum safety and security when lightweight plastic wheel chocks just wont do for heavy recreational equipment and construction vehicles.
  • ALL-WEATHER NYLON REINFORCED RUBBER: Unlike cheap plastic or rubber wheel chocks that shatter, slip, rip, or crack, these wheel chocks are nylon reinforced and 2x stronger than regular rubber, giving you chocks that stand up to dirt, dust, salt, ice, mud, sun, sand, and heat.
  • COMPACT YET EFFECTIVE: At only 8 x 5 inches you can store your Chock Blocks in the trunk, toolbox, or even behind the seat. Plus, the large 4 inch height stops the heaviest vehicle, RV or trailer from rollback (even on large truck tires), so you can confidently park on any downhill grade.

Product description

AFA Tooling is Always Approved For Automotive where your most precious cargo is carried, people. The research and development team at AFA Tooling are dedicated to perfecting the simple aspects of tools to make them the most safe and reliable. The addition of the AFA Wheel Chock set to your gear provides you with the extra insurance in safety allowing you to enjoy your heavy duty recreational equipment with peace of mind.

Chock Blocks with reinforced Nylon and a Quick-Stick design that uses an aggressive ribbed grip to grab your tire quickly and lock it into place. Simply slip your Chock Blocks into place, give ‘em a quick kick, and walk away. No need to hammer or pound to lock these wheel chocks into place.

In fact, men say that they like how this design won’t slip or slide (even on slick concrete floors) so they can use wheel ramps, without fear of crushing.

Each Chock Block has a built-in handle that’s easy to grab (unlike eyebolts). And the handle has plenty of room for roping together for quick slip in and pull out

The Nylon Reinforced Rubber gives you a super-tough wheel chock that’s lightweight (only 5 lbs/pc), and yet stands up to big tonnage vehicles.

With a compact 8 x 8 x 4 inch design, your wheel chocks store away in toolboxes, compartments, trunks and even behind the seats, so you can keep your Chock Blocks ready at all times.

But don’t take our word for it..

Slip a set of Chock Blocks under your tires, and park your favorite car, truck, trailer or RV, and walk away with confidence that it will stay put in any weather, and on any hill.

Weight: 4.5 kg
Dimensions: 26.5 x 14 x 14.4 cm; 4.5 Kilograms
Brand: AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive
Model: Wheel_chocks_204x204x104_set
Manufacture: AFA Tooling Approved for Automotive