Newentor Dehumidifier 20L-25L/Day, Large Dehumidifier Electric with Continuous Drainage and 24 Hour Timer, Room Dehumidifiers for Home Damp, Bedroom, Bathroom, basement and Garage ect

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  • Large Dehumidifier 20L-25L/Day: Newentor eco air dehumidifiers for home remove up to 25 Litres of water per day. Large Dehumidifier for Home Damp, mould and moisture in homes, basements and bathrooms suffering from damp and humid, condensation and laundry drying. Built-in handle and 4 wheels for easy portability between rooms.
  • Dehumidifier Electric with Digital Humidity Display: Room dehumidifier for bedroom of digital LED screen displays current room humidity level and control panel allows you to control 3 dehumidification modes easy home dehumidifier.
  • Dehumidifier Auto Shut Off and Auto Defrost: The 25l dehumidifier electric built-in humidity sensor allows you to set your desired room humidity between 35%-80%. The compressor would automatically stop when the room humidity reaches the target humidity(±5%RH deviation), while the fan continues working to monitor room humidity. Auto defrost protects against low temperatures down to 5° C (41° F).
  • Energy Efficient Dehumidifier with 24 Hour Timer and Child Lock: A built-in timer dehumidifier energy efficient allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on or off during the day. Child Lock so control settings are not inadvertently changed. Auto Restart to turn back on and maintain the same settings after power is restored.
  • Compressor Dehumidifier with Water Tank and Continuous Drainage: The dehumidifier for basement automatically stops dehumidifying when 3.5L visible water tank is full and the fan continues to run to dissipate the heat about 3 minutes until dehumidifier makes a beeping alarm and the “Bucket Full” light flashes. Dehumidifier with drain hose 1m is for long-term use.

Product Description

Automatic Humidity Sensor

Dehumidifier with a built-in humidistat,the device functions as follows according to the humidity in the room (measured humidity) and the set humidity(target humidity):

  • The compressor will start automatically when the humidity of the room exceeds the target humidity+5%RH,
  • The compressor will automatically stop when the room humidity will decrease lower than the target humidity of -5%RH. The fan will continue working according to the initial settings
  • If the room humidity is between the target of -5%RH and the target humidity of 5%RH, the device will function according to the existing settings.

Note: In order to allow air circulation and continue monitoring the room humidity more accurately, the fan would continue running for about 3 minutes. Once the monitored humidity exceeds the set value range, the compressor of the dehumidifier restarts to dehumidify.

Multifunctional Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

Precise Humidity Control and a 24-Hour Timer for superior energy efficiency.

Auto Restart to turn back on and maintain the same settings after power is restored.

Damp clothes will dry quickly.

Child Lock so control settings are not inadvertently changed.

2 Optional Draining Methods

3.5L level indicator water tank and 1m continuous drainage hose are also included should you require a more permanent drainage solution. This can be directed into a drain, bucket or suitable storage container.

Please don't worry about water overflowing from the tank.

The dehumidifier immediately stops dehumidifying when the tank is full and the fan continues to run to dissipate the heat about 3 minutes until dehumidifier makes a beeping alarm and the "Bucket Full" light flashes.

Likewise, if you empty the water tank and don't install in the dehumidifier in time or place incorrectly , the dehumidifier won't run again. It also takes 3 minutes for the dehumidifier to sound the alarm and turn on the "Bucket Full" light for reminding.

Note: Please do not place the full water tank directly on the ground as it may tilt and overflow.

Built-in Handle and Fitted Wheel System

The built-in handle allows you to move the dehumidifier up and down the floor conveniently.Four castor wheels are conveniently located on the underside of the dehumidifier to allow for easy moving without having to lift the unit each time. These can be easily fitted or removed according to preference.

Before use, please remove the accessory from the bucket

– Remove the bucket from dehumidifier.

– Open the cover, take out of the the plug, 4 Castors, Continuous drain connector and Drain pipe.

– Reinstall the cover, correctly put back the bucket into the appliance.

Note: If you do not find any accessories in the water tank, please look for it in the package or tell us to solve it for you.

Washable Air Filter

When the filter needs to be cleaned, the “CLEAN FILTER” symbol will light up(after 250 hours of use). Remove the filter from the back of unit following the “CLEAN THE FILTER” chapters.

Once the filter is completely dry, place filter back in the unit and press the “FILTER” button to reset the filter symbol.

Cleaning the filter regularly according to the instructions can ensure the dehumidification effect of the dehumidifier.

Fight excess moisture at home with a dehumidifier

Condensation appearing on the inside of your windows is a key warning sign that your room has a problem with high humidity and trapped moisture. This excess moisture can lead to major problems for the adjacent area, such as your walls staining, discolouring, and even peeling.

Improving the quality of air around you

High humidity has been directly linked to many respiratory problems, particularly in young children. It provides the perfect breeding ground for dust mites which live in your furniture, carpets and bedding. Reducing humidity helps eradicate mites and prevents airborne triggers.

Mould is a common problem in many households

Mould can indicate high humidity and may cause your room to smell unpleasant and musty. Black Mould is the most toxic and can release harmful mycotoxins into the air. It starts to grow at 50% humidity, so it is vital that you control your rooms humidity level to prevent its growth.

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Colour: White 25l