KXSM 1:32 For BMW For X5 SUV Alloy Car Model Diecasts Toy Vehicles Car Light Simulation Children's Toy Decoration Birthday Gift (Color : Red)


About this item

  • Material: Die-casting alloy,The model is beautifully crafted, the front inside is clearly visible, the seat, steering wheel, instrument panel, each detail simulates the shape of the object, and each part of the real object is carefully with high simulation .
  • Function: sound and light, open the door, pull back, slide, open the front door or press the front wheel. The tire pattern is clear, the back strength is strong, the operation is convenient, and the independent exploration ability is cultivated;
  • Your can learn more about the knowledge and fun of the car; you can use it as decoration , put it on the showcase at home or on the car, Enjoy a good life.
  • It is an ideal gift. It is a good choice to give a gift or put it at home.
  • The more detailed design satisfies the child’s curiosity and enhances the child’s concentration.

Product description

1:32 For BMW For X5 SUV Alloy Car Model Diecasts Toy Vehicles Car Light Simulation children’s toy decoration birthday gift

Model name : For BMW For X5 SUV

Size : 16.53cmX6.6cmX6.1cm

Material: Alloy,Plastc


Color: Red, White,Black

Package includes: 1pc Alloy Model


Proportional Body: Rich in details and exquisite craftsmanship to restore the structure of the real car, according to the shape, structure, color, and even interior parts of the real car.

The model is exquisitely crafted, the inside of the front of the car is clearly visible, and every detail of the seat, steering wheel, and instrument panel simulates the shape of the real object, each part of the real object is carefully depicted with a high degree of simulation;

Special Features : The toy car has realistic engine sound and dazzling lights for a real experience that all kids will love. This model car has a pull-back system that allows it to catch great speeds.

FUN TOY CARS:the pull Back Vehicles all doors ,front cover and back cover could be opened,highly detailed interior and exteriorthe

Suitable size, fast moving and easy to carry. In addition, the wheels of these toy cars move very well, just push and release the car, watch the toy car and fly away.

Weight: 500 g
Brand: KXSM
Colour: Red
Colour: Red