ELEGOO Owl Smart Robotic Car Kit Plus Compatible with Arduino


  • Developing based on Arduino, free of charge in open resources, rich in learning resources
  • DIY assembly and construction will help to cultivate children’s concentration and hands-on ability
  • Compatible with Lego building blocks to expand unlimited possibilities
  • Graphical programming provides special building-block functions, and with a variety of functions of the car, stimulate children’s creativity and imagination

Product description

Owl car is an intelligent and programmable robot toy designed for children over 8 years of age.
The functions are as follow:
1. Obstacle-Avoidance mode
2. Line-tracking mode
3. Expression control mode
4. Line control mode
5. Sound control mode
6. Light control mode
7. Standby mode
Controller: Arduino Nano V4
Programming: Arduino IDE、ELEGOO Owl robot
Input: Infrared photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor
Output: Motor, Buzzer, LED
Voltage: 3.5~4.2V(3.7v lithium battery)
Battery Life: 2 Hours (Line-tracking mode)
Ranging Solution: ultrasonic sensor ranging
Motor: DC gear motor 1:48
Communication: USB, Bluetooth
I/O Ports: D3, D6, A2, I2C, 5V
Size: 178.5*127*123mm

Dimensions: 30.2 x 17.6 x 11.2 cm; 785 Grams
Manufacture: ELEGOO
Origin: China
Reference: EL-KIT-020