Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989)


Product description

Product Description

Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989) (Blu-ray Box Set)
Directed by Alan Clarke

Although probably best remembered for the controversial and groundbreaking dramas Scum, Made in Britain and The Firm, the breadth of Alan Clarke’s radical, political, innovative, inspirational work, along with his influence on generations of filmmakers, such as Gus Van Sant, Paul Greengrass, Andrea Arnold, Harmony Korine, Clio Barnard, Shane Meadows, should see him rightly regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever filmmaking talents
This re-packaged collection brings together twenty-one stand-alone BBC TV dramas that Alan Clarke directed between 1969 and 1989, including such neglected classics as To Encourage the Others, Horace, Penda’s Fen, Diane, Christine and Elephant, and also includes Scum and Clarke’s original Director’s Cut of The Firm, assembled from his personal answer print, discovered in 2015.

This 11-Disc Box Set (10 Blu-rays / 1 DVD) also includes a raft of additional materials, including an introduction to The Firm by David Leland, extracts from BBC discussion shows Open Air and Tonight, plus documentaries and seven audio commentaries.

The Last Train through Harecastle Tunnel (1969), Sovereign’s Company (1970), The Hallelujah Handshake (1970), To Encourage the Others (1972), Under the Age (1972), Horace (1972), The Love Girl and the Innocent (1973), Penda’s Fen (1974), A Follower for Emily (1974), Diane (1975), Funny Farm (1975), Scum (1977), Nina (1978), Danton’s Death (1978), Beloved Enemy (1981), Psy-Warriors (1981), Baal (1982), Stars of the Roller State Disco (1984), Christine (1987), The Firm: Director’s Cut (1989), The Firm: Broadcast Version (1989), Elephant (1989)

  • Alan Clarke: Out of His Own Light (2016, 270 mins)
  • Half Hour Story: George’s Room (1967, 25 mins): when a seemingly mild-mannered gentleman calls at a woman’s house, so begins an intimate exchange between strangers who never reveal their names. Written by Alun Owen and directed by Alan Clarke
  • Introduction to The Firm by David Leland (1991, 3 mins): originally broadcast during BBC2’s Alan Clarke Season
  • Seven audio commentaries (Diane, Scum, Bukovsky, Christine, Elephant, The Firm (x2))
  • Bukovsky (Alan Clarke, 1977, 50 mins) + outtakes
  • Archival BBC discussion programmes (77 mins total)
  • Alan Clarke interview (1989, 10 mins)
  • Stills galleries


‘Clarke had it all – he had range, he had vision. He remains in my eyes, quite simply the greatest British director of my lifetime’ –Paul Greengrass

‘The absence from the cultural landscape of a true giant like Alan is immeasurable. No one has replaced him. I feel privileged to have been associated with him’ –Gary Oldman

Origin: United Kingdom