Stehle 58458797 by Hand) Circular Saw Blade – 06 Flat Teeth with Chamfer Crystal Diamond


About this item

  • For inlet and final cuts in laminate, MDF, chipboard, Zementgebundene board, Corian, durable plastic, plasterboard and melamine
  • Not Used for stone, glass and nails
  • Excellent dust removal thanks to the like span years
  • Nachschärfzone: 2, 5 mm, excellently suitable for: abrasive materials and construction, suitable for panel handling
  • Leichter rough cut

Product description

Special Circular Saw Blades Stehle For use on circular saws and abrasive material the from very high Schneidve Rschleiß. E.g.: Acrylic resin, gypsum fibreboard with MDF, gypsum fibre board veneer finish, gypsum fibre board, plasterboard, cement fibre board; phenolic Paper, compact laminate (HPL), epoxy resin, laminated materials, circuit board (PCB Mount) Aluminium with PU foam, high density foam with melamine Paper and overlay, with polyurethane coating Chipboard, FibreCombine AFK honeycomb plate, AFK Light weight construction plate glass reinforced plastic – PU floor, fibreglass Grill, fibreglass sandwich plate, fibreglass exterior plate, carbon fibres – Plastic Crystal by Diamond (DP) • DP coating, these blades are made of synthetic, with which the diamond on top of backing layer made of hard metal Aufgesintert is with which it has been soldered the base body of the tool. • DP is for 2 – 3 times longer harder than hard metal, helping to keep them in suitable materials many times to meet stand path out its full potential. Same Time DP thanks to its low bending Ebruchfestigkeit clearly Schneidenbruchanfälliger than HW. Therefore it is not suitable for use with all materials. • In Chipboard and fiberboard made just like in abrasive materials has DP over the past few decades, Salter established and is made from the wood processing through its economic efficiency No further.

SKU: B079YB698J
Weight: 740 g
Size: 260×2,5/1,8x30mm Z=8
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 3 cm; 740 Grams
Model: 58458797
Colour: Flachzahn Mit Fase
Manufacture: Stehle
Colour: Flachzahn Mit Fase
Size: 260×2,5/1,8x30mm Z=8