Steinbach Winter Pool Cover for Oval Pool


About this item

  • Strong PE material 120 g/m²
  • Excess 130 cm
  • Fixing with tensioning cord and ratchet
  • Reduces the dirt in the pool
  • Reducing the consumption of pool chemical

Product description

The quick, easy solution is ideal for your steel wall pool. The Made from reinforced PE Tarpaulin Cover offers protection against soiling during the winter months will help keep your pool water clean for longer. The tarpaulin is placed directly on the water surface, held in place on the side attached via tension cord and ratchet. A Übermass is 130 cm ensures even after lowering of the water level for a perfect fit. The film comes with a green top and a black base. Advantages at a glance: Strong PE material 120 g/m² excess 130 cm fixed in place with tensioning cord and ratchet reducing the dirt in the swimming pool reduces the consumption of pool chemical

Dimensions: 730 x 370 x 0.1 cm; 5.03 Kilograms
Model: 36350
Manufacture: Unbekannt