LOOK Cycle – KEO 2 Max Bike Pedals – Large 500mm² Contact Area – Full Power Transfer – Ultra Lightweight Pedals – Adjustable Tension


About this item

  • MAXIMUM POWER TRANSFER: The 500 mm² stainless steel surface and the advanced technology of LOOK KEO 2 MAX pedals provide full power transfer and promote excellent stability through the pedal stroke.
  • STRONGER THAN EVER: The Chromoly + spindle makes these cycling pedals ultra strong and long lasting. The KEO 2 MAX and KEO 2 MAX Carbon bicycle pedals are designed to accompany you on long rides.
  • THE WEIGHT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE: The KEO 2 MAX composite pedal weighs only 130 grams in your hand and is barely felt underfoot. The KEO 2 MAX Carbon pedal is even lighter, weighing just 125 grams!
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Lightweight and robust, the KEO 2 MAX and KEO 2 MAX Carbon pedals allow you to easily adjust the tension between 8 and 12. Increase the pedal tension to feel their full potential!
  • MADE BY LOOK: LOOK designs and manufactures exceptional products. Our goal is to provide both professional and amateur cyclists with equipment that gives them a unique and extraordinary experience.

Product description

LOOK KEO 2 MAX PEDALS 2018 With a slimmed-down design and a width increase to 60mm, resulting in a 25% increase in usable surface, the Look Keo 2 Max Pedals’ large platform enhances foot stability, subsequently improving comfort and efficiency. Power transfer has been optimised so all your watts are transferred into speed on the road. The stainless steel plate has been shaped to match the cleat and ensure that, no matter your cleat-pedal setup, you’ll always have the same contact so performance remains consistent. Despite this re-design, the pedal and cleat system weighs a mere 328 grams. Another change to the Keo 2 Max is in the spindle profile. The oversized chromo+ axle contains inner ball and a needle roller bearings that effectively handle and distribute load to the contact surface. Between the bearings, the serrated washer has been replaced by a conical spacer to reduce friction and increase fluidity. Tension is adjustable between 8Nm and 12Nm to suit your preferences, and the redesign of these pedals guarantees optimal power transfer and great reliability, durability and comfort. Includes: A pair of grey Kéo Grip cleats and screws.

Weight: 0.42 Kilograms
Size: Normal
Dimensions: 5.08 x 7.62 x 12.7 cm; 40 Grams
Brand: LOOK
Model: PEK2M16079
Colour: Normal
Manufacture: LOOK
Colour: Normal
Size: Normal