Arespark Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell, Free Weights Dumbbell, Detachable Barbell Combination 3 in 1 Fitness Equipment with Connecting Rod for Gym Home Etc, Anti-Rolling, Maximum Combination 25kg(55lb)

SALE PRICE: £156.96

  • 【High-Quality Material】 The exterior is made of polyethylene material, the surface is smooth,clean and shiny, which can ensure that the gear will not slip, and the non-slip handle will not leave marks or scratches on the floor even if it is sweaty; The interior is made of cement mixture, not easy to rust.
  • 【Weight Selection】Set of total weight (double dumbbells): 25kg.Four fitness weights can be adjusted. This fitness equipment includes 4 large plates (5.5lb/2.5kg), 4 middle plates (4.4lb/2kg), 4 small plates (3.3lb/1.5kg), two main rods (17.3inch/44cm), 1 connecting rod (15.7inch/40cm) and 4 Nuts.
  • 【Multiple Assembly Methods】 You can assemble with different exercise methods such as barbells, dumbbells, push-ups, etc. Different adjustable methods to meet different needs.
  • 【First Choice For Fitness】 Use these dumbbells to train every major muscle group on the body, increase muscle strength, help arms and shoulders to strengthen and shape, and enhance endurance, strength and growth.
  • 【Compact Design】 The octagonal end helps prevent rolling and promotes storage in place. Each product has a compact structure and can be conveniently stored in any corner of your home or gym.
Weight: 24.95 Kilograms
Dimensions: 53 x 26 x 22 cm; 26 Kilograms
Brand: Arespark
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Arespark
Colour: Black

Product Description

Why choose Arespark Dumbbell Set?

● Great design, hexagonal edge design will allow you to use it as push up handles and make the dumbbells stay on the ground without rolling.

● There are 3 exercise way, you can use it as barbell, dumbbell and push ups.

● Benefits : Increase muscle mass&burn more calories

● Multiple weight options, there are 4 adjustable modes, please refer to the following illustration for weight setting.

How to install?

Combination method of the barbells plates: install shaft on each side of the joint(note:As a barbell, when connecting the shaft and joint, the nuts are used only at both ends, not in the middle)

1、Before assembling, please confirm whether the parts and accessories are complete.

2、Please install the plates into the shaft while rotating.

3、Rotate and fix the rut as picture shows.

4、There are three types of weight 2.5KG/2KG/1.5KG, please customize the weight based on your preference.

● Increase muscle mass&burn more calories

● Encourage weight loss&cardiovascular health

● Extend endurance&range of motion

● Allow adjustments to target specific muscles&press pain free


●The exercise illustrated in the manual is suitable for people in good health condition.

● Please do not use it when your body in physical discomfort or in pain.

● Keep out of reach of children.

● Never dispose of it in a fire.

● Please confirm safely before use.

● Don’t use it if there is crack or any other abnormality of the product.

● For your safety,please don’t use it while wearing rings,jewelry, or other ornaments.

Storage & Maintenance

● Please don’t violently hit and shake, because the resin may break, which results in perforation of the product.

● Please don’t wield the dumbbells, in case of getting hurt or causing product damage.

● Please don’t use or store in the car,outside the house,under the direct sunlight, in the place of high temperature or in humid environment.

● When not using the dumbbells for a long time, color may change due to aging. Please place it on the floor with paper or cloth.You should cover it keep away from duct.

● You should clean the stain with soft cloth. Please do not wipe it with alcohol, hot water, diluent, or other chemicals, otherwise it may crack on surface or discolor.